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For many of the world’s disadvantaged, computer literacy is a means to a better life. American senior citizens with limited mobility, for example, form online friendships from coast to coast or across international borders via the Internet; they also resume their education and pursue new interests by visiting websites on any subject. Since 2006, Infotech Outreach has worked with senior communities by introducing residents to computer skills that have enabled them to pursue diverse activities, from filing taxes to visiting with their families via webcam. Many seniors have thanked us for our intervention, explaining that they had intended to pursue computer training but failed to follow up for a variety of reasons. Seniors we visit love our students’ company.

Infotech Outreach also serves underprivileged children in third world nations, where schools may be scarce or young people may lack the resources to attend a school. For these youngsters, computers offer an opportunity to explore other places, to make friends, and to educate themselves in fields of studies not supported by their local educational system. For many of the world’s poorest children, computers substitute for books or testing materials. This year, Infotech Outreach will travel to Nepal to bring computers and computer skills to children who cannot afford them. Our overseas partners in social work will provide venues where youngsters will be able to use computers to study and to conduct research.

Infotech Outreach recruits high school students and social workers to teach computer skills to seniors and underprivileged children. We welcome donations of computers that are one to two years old. If you enjoy working with computers and enjoy making a difference in people’s lives, please consider volunteering or donating.

Computers are changing the world for the better. Become a part of this change by contacting us today.