Infotech Outreach executives are volunteers who double as management for connecting new volunteers to senior centers in the area.

kunal agarwal | president | co-founder

Kunal Agarwal, co-founder of InfoTech Outreach, has received numerous awards in security and technology. His awards begin with his patent pending Zier Credit Card Security System. Kunal’s outstanding project was a finalist at the Intel International Science and Engineering Competition. Kunal is currently a Regents and Chancellor’s Scholar at University of California, Berkeley, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

As president of InfoTech Outreach, Kunal is responsible for establishing connections with high-tech firms in order to raise the funds needed for the operation of the agency. He also oversees volunteer recruitment, which will include a trip oversees to generate interest in our start-up programs.

mrinal agarwal | director of technology | founder

Mrinal Agarwal is UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering grad and one of the founders of Infotech Outreach. He is currently working on exciting opportunities to bring technology to people in entirely new and innovative ways.

Gladys Kitagawa | Accountant

Gladys has been working in the accounting industry for over 40 years. She has worked with Chromatrix, Inc. for 14 years and has excelled in the industry. Recently, she has worked towards freelance accounting and was subsequently hired by Infotech Outreach to take over Infotech’s finances and reports.

renu jain | vp of operations

Renu Jain founded the World Natural Stone Company fourteen years ago. As President, she is involved in importing and distributing granite and marble. Renu has a MA in Economics. In addition to her knowledge of business and fiscal management, Renu is active in volunteer work.

“The idea for creating InfoTech Outreach emerged when I was talking to an elder relative overseas on the phone. My boys kept asking me why I did not get Skype to talk over the internet! I told them she does not know much about computers and would not be able to teach herself. They then suggested someone teach her how to use one. The truth is, I replied, it is hard to find someone who would have the patience to work with an older person.

As CEO for InfoTech Outreach, Renu is responsible for its business administration and fiscal management. In addition to setting up connections with those in need of InfoTech’s services, she works with professional volunteers and gerontologists to strengthen the organization here in the United States, as well as developing the structure for Tech Leaders to travel and successfully setup service programs worldwide.

Area Directors

Area directors are an integral part of Infotech Outreach’s infrastructure, allowing for far regions to have consistent Infotech Outreach centers.

Karunaya R | New York

Karunaya has been instrumental in continuing consistent volunteering in New York.

Tamar Warren | Nevada

Ms. Warren brings to the company over 16 years of marketing and management experience in both hardware and software at Intel Corporation. Most recently, in the Software and Solutions Group, she managed the team responsible for Intel’s Independent Software Vendors (ISV) marketing and sales development efforts.

Srilakshmi Veeramachaneni | Atlanta Georgia

Srilakshmi Veeramachaneni is working to bring Infotech Outreach to the Atlanta, Georgia area.


At Infotech Outreach, we hold the highest regards for our supportive and encouraging board.

ZiHan Lin | Board Member | Stanford University

ZiHan Lin is a alumnus of Stanford University with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently a Mechanical Engineer at a medical device consultancy